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June 25, 2016 in our Rig, RVing by MG

Pumpkin Spice RedOstelinda.com rig View 24J

As the decision to purchase an RV was made, questions quickly started pouring through our minds. Which RV do we buy? Where do we buy it? How do we buy it? How much should we pay for it? How do we know we are making a good deal? Do we buy a new or a used RV? Where do we get insurance? Do we need storage? Do we need a special driver’s license? So many questions, so confusing… but with the assistance and patience of our friend David and the long and extensive hours spent scouring the web, we started our quest.

And the research started with the “Which RV do we buy?” question. I thought that there were two types: motor homes and trailers. And…quickly I learned that there are three types of RVs: Class A, Class B and Class C. And there are also trailers, fifth wheels, toy-haulers, pop-ups, and truck campers. I am sure I missed a few classifications and sub-classifications. Basically, our first decision was what type and model of RV to get. We knew we wanted the cabin to be inside the unit so the options were down to three: Class A, Class B or Class C.

I am sure that most of you know what these are. But just in case you are as ignorant as I was a few months ago about all things RV, I will tell you what they are…

    • Class A – These are probably the ones that most people are familiar with and they are ones that look like buses. Most of these units have slide outs.
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Source: winnebagoind.com


    • Class B – These are motor homes built within the body of a van. The body of the van does not change with the exception of perhaps a higher roof. These units do not have slide outs.
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Source: winnebagoind.com


      • Class C-  These are built on the chassis of a van but with living arrangements built within the body of a motor home. It is sort of the baby of a Class A married to a Class B. These units could have slide outs.


RV Class C RedOstelinda.com

Source: winnebgoind.com

We decided to visit a couple of the RV dealers in the Florida west coast just to tour several models of the three RV classes. We quickly ruled out Class B as it seemed too small for us. Neither one of us could picture ourselves for a long time in such tight quarters. As physically active as we are for our age group, which would mean spending a considerable amount of time outside of the unit, we still wanted the ability to enjoy the space without being on top of each other. In other words, each one of us needs space and Class B was not going to provide it.

Thus, it was now down to Class A and Class C. The RV is going to be just for the two of us, so we figured we wanted a smaller unit perhaps not bigger than 26 feet. We quickly realized that both the Class A and the Class C cost about the same for the same length and equivalent equipment and amenities with lots more lengths and options/amenities available in the Class A.

So, after scouring the web and looking at units in person and over the internet, we opted for a Class C and decided on the Winnebago View 24J. I am looking back and trying to determine the chronology of our decision-making and it is hard to do.  I wished I had made notes.  We actually went back and forth between the A and the C since they both had things we wanted in an RV.

I think it would be easier if I just explained why we chose the Winnebago 24 View J:

    • It is built on the chassis of a diesel engine Mercedes Sprinter.  The cabin area is basically the cockpit of a Mercedes Sprinter, which felt safer for us than the cabin area of a Class A.
    • We liked the open floor plan with the bed in the corner.
    • The bed could be used at all times without having the headache of converting a sofa bed into a bed. The bed was also fully accessible without having to use the slide out, which was perfect for boondocking and the mandatory Walmart stops.
    • The kitchen was perfect for us with two gas burners, a microwave/convection oven and a small double sink. We did not want any more space wasted in the kitchen area as both hubby and I are very practical and don’t really spend too much time in the kitchen.
    • The large U-shaped dinette was perfect as it was comfortable enough to be used as both a dining area and sofa. I specially loved the sturdy fold-out footrests.
    • Having the option of the diesel generator.
    • Not too much space was wasted in the bathroom area. I also liked the fact that the sink was totally separated from the shower/toilet.
    • We like the three large windows.
    • The option of the bunk bed for those trips were our adult son would join us in our trips.
    • Plenty of storage for two people inside the cab and in the basement. I especially loved the ample storage under the dinette benches and the bed.
    • The clean and contemporary look of the cabinets/floor/upholstery/counters.
    • The perfect size at 25’5″ which would mean I would eventually drive it and we would also fit in every campsite.
    • The features of the Infotainment Center with Rand McNally RV GPS.

Now, to tell you that the unit is perfect would be an overstatement. The Winnebago View 24J is not a perfect unit and I wished a few things worked a little different. But overall, we are very happy with our purchase.

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