That is me with the cowboy boots and RED!

June 12, 2013 in Old photos by MG

That is me with the cowboy boots…and the red sailor outfit!   I know that by now you are probably laughing at the cowboy/sailor combo.  I know that I did laugh a “little” when I found the photo.  Well, I did laugh a lot. But this photo brought me back to the deep LOVE I had for those boots.  WOW!  I REALLY LOVED THOSE BOOTS!  I remember wearing them all the time. But, why am I posting the photo?  I don’t know, maybe I just want to bring a little humor to my blog, maybe I can make you guys laugh a lot about the outfit, maybe I just want you to see my boots.  Plus, I think I also have a great excuse for posting the photo… since I am wearing red.  Good night you all!

that is me with the cowboy boots and red!