RVing Decision

June 23, 2016 in our Rig, RVing by MG

Buying an RV

On day X, we both woke up decided to buy an RV. Well, the hubby and I did not have simultaneous shared dreams about buying an RV.  We didn’t just wake up one day and anxiously compared our dreams of our “dream RV”. The seed was actually planted in the 1990’s when our neighbor Andy was selling his old class A for a mere $8,000. Andy was the most meticulous and perfectionist person I had ever met and I thought, without even looking at the rig, that any purchase from him would have been a good purchase (and especially at that price).  We considered buying the RV for about 10 minutes, when the reality of what was going on in our lives put it into our “future plans” drawer.

But RVing was always in the back of my mind.  Many times seeing these rigs on the road would trigger the thoughts of that RV we never bought.  I still dreamed and imagined what our lives would be like while traveling incessantly throughout our country in an RV.

Forward twenty years and all the reasons why we were considering RVing were still there.  Then our friend David bought a beautiful used class A.. and within one year traded it for a bigger, better and brand new model. Weekend trips, long trips, all the positives, and every single reason why I considered RVing back in the 1990’s were now part of many conversations. Our friend’s two RV purchases brought it all back; it made us realize that it was time for opening the “future plans” drawer.  And so the quest for our dream RV started.