I’ve had beagles since 1990, when we went to just check out some beagles at a local breeder and we just fell in love with Kuki.

Then I had Kuki and my baby.  You can see the photos below of them playing together. Kuki is no longer with us. She passed away; and I still miss her so much. Every once in a while I forget and I call my beagles Kuki. And we also have the Kuki Towels. You see, when our towels became ugly, stained or abused, they became her towels.  She has been gone for a long time now, but we still call the old towels the Kuki Towels.

Then came Rocky and Nina. After thoroughly researching and finding a reputable local breeder, we went to visit our future female beagle. I didn’t want a male dog for several reasons. Well, Nina’s brother was there and he had different intentions. It was love at first sight when we saw each other. He would not leave my side and I did not want to leave him behind. Even though he was practically sold to another couple, the breeder realized that he belonged with us. And so, weeks later we came home with Rocky and Nina.  That was over ten years ago.

Update: Nina passed away on November 14.  Both Rocky and I cried for a long time.  Her death and seeing Rocky howling non-stop just broke my heart.  We are not crying any more but we are both still very sad.   Nina, I miss you so much!

So, here are some of the photos of my beagles.  I just want to share the photos of these three beagles that have brought so much happiness and joy to our lives. (Also check out the Rocky and Nina puppy photos.)


my beagles



my beagles a-beagle-and-a-boy-2-with-watermark a-beagle-and-a-boy-1-with-watermark


Rocky and Nina

Click here for puppy photos of Rocky and Nina (short for Rocky Bamba and Nina Brava)

rocky-and-nina-are-so-happyrocky-and-nina-from-the-vets-office-wmsm rocky-and-nina-2 my-beagles-with-wm my-beagles-with-watermark is-too-hot-out-here-going-to-sit-in-the-shade-rocky is-too-hot-i-need-to-cool-down-my-front-paws-nina imag0497rocky-and-nina-need-a-little-loveRocky Bamba nappingRocky and Nina RedOstelinda.comRocky Sleeping RedOstelinda 2

happy rocky bambaNina sleepingRocky BambaMy beagle sleeping RedOstelinda.commy beagle Nina

Rocky Bamba by the pool RedOstelindaRedOstelinda my two beaglesMy Beagle Rocky Bamba RedOstelinda.comtwo beagles Rocky and Nina beagles

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