Master Bedroom Unfinished Projects

February 27, 2016 in My house by MG

My master bedroom is a compilation of unfinished projects. I create To Do lists for my bedroom and somehow I never get anything done.  Other projects become the priorities and unfinished projects stay… unfinished projects.

I thought that dedicating a post or a series of posts to the master bedroom unfinished projects might turn them all into priorities.  This last weekend I was able to take better photos of my bedroom.  You probably remember the first failed attempt.

So, lets gets started.  This is how is going to work:

  • Today, I am just showing you the photos of my room in its present state and the To Do list which includes most of the bedroom unfinished projects and issues.  You will see as you read below that these issues/unfinished projects are in reality very minor things. Some are as small as just painting the room.  I am not tearing down walls, building furniture or doing a total remodel.  It is just a…refresh.
  • Future posts will address the issues/unfinished projects as they get done or … get postponed again.  oh no!…I hope none get postponed again!


The Master Bedroom Photos

dresser master bedroom

masterbedroom dresser

master bedroom yellow chair

red frame

yellow chair master bedroom RedOstelinda

corner master bedroom RedOstelinda

master bedroom close up bed

master bedroom

Master Bedroom Unfinished Projects

Master Bedroom Unfinished Projects

Master Bedroom Unfinished Projects



Master Bedroom To Do List (Yes, most of the master bedroom unfinished projects)

fix ceiling fan

remove intercom panel

paint dresser (guess what color!…notice it is really a kitchen sideboard)

dresser knobs (keep them or replace them?)

mirror or art for sideboard side

replace (or fix if possible) window blind behind bed

repaint yellow chair (not sure what color yet)

buy fresh flowers every week (yes – those are silk flowers and I can’t stand them…need to find an affordable source of fresh flowers)

paint room (I am sick of the khaki walls – plus they haven’t been painted in five years)

change/refresh french door shades

hang black mirror

declutter night table side

replace my night table (BIG MAYBE)

give a little life to armoire (inside and outside – used to house a tv)

grout cleaning

paint ottoman legs (too much brown in the room…what color?)

replace lamp on side board side (YES, remember my new TJMaxx pine cone lamp)

So, this is it for today.  To be continued next week as I start tackling the list.  See you!