How I Ended Up at BlogHer13

August 15, 2013 in BlogHer by MG

I am still talking about the BlogHer13 conference with my family and friends.  I guess I could equate the feeling I still have to the one a child gets on a candy store. So, I want to just tell you about how I ended up at BlogHer13.

If you have been to Red Ostelinda before or read my About page, you would know that I am a newbie.  I decided to start blogging about all things red and about my love for shopping/DIYing and launched Red Ostelinda on May 7 of this year.  Right after launching the blog and learning of the existence of blogging conferences all over the world, I put “attend conferences” at the end of my long list. I had so much to do, so much to learn and so many steps to check off my list and I thought that attending a blogging conference would be something very in the future.  What would I do there anyway?

Well, on July 24 (2013) I got up in the wee hours of the morning, as usual. And shortly after starting my scouring-of-the-web-while-having-my-coffee morning ritual, I somehow stumbled upon the BlogHer website and its BlogHer13 conference which happened to be starting THE VERY NEXT DAY. Yes, it is in capital letters, like screaming, sort of the way I was talking to myself as I was finding out about BlogHer13. What was BlogHer anyway?  While on my first coffee…and my second coffee that morning and this is all happening while is still dark outside, I found article after article about BlogHer and its conferences. One of those articles said that the BlogHer conference was the mother of all the blogging conferences.

I had a total asymmetry of my knees with my left knee looking like a balloon, had gone through an excruciating knee pain and paralyzing experience on Saturday where I had to be helped into my own car, had spent all Sunday relaxing and icing my knee, had been diagnosed with a torn meniscus on Tuesday, had an ugly limp and DID NOT HAVE BUSINESS CARDS. (I am screaming again.)  None of that mattered;  I made a decision.  I booked the conference, reserved the hotel, purchased the airline tickets (thanks to my son’s American Airlines miles), ordered my business cards at Staples (thank you hubby for picking them up on your way home from the office), packed my bags (with plenty of Aleve) and hopped on a plane to Chicago at 8 pm that evening.  And that is how I ended up at BlogHer13!