Day 1 – Sept 1 – St Jean Pied de Port to Roncesvalles – 17 miles

September 1, 2017 in Camino de Santiago by MG


I know some of you think I’m crazy for doing this and for a few miles today I was sort of agreeing with you. While crossing the Pyrenees, the temperature dropped, the sky got dark and the rain just came out of nowhere. It felt like we were inside a cloud. There was no visibility and on top of that, I was in the midst of 3.5 miles of nonstop steep uphills.

The never ending uphills were followed by an endless amount of rolling mountains with the last 3.6 miles being the most slippery and steep downhills I have ever hiked.

I hiked alone and I hiked with other people, but always with people in front and back of me. I was never alone in the trail. There were people from so many countries. 

Stayed at Municipal Albergue Roncesvalles. Staying at an albergue is challenging. The lack of privacy and the maneuvers needed for something as simple as taking a shower are incredible. But I wouldn’t do it any other way. Meeting all these new people that are just a crazy as I am makes it all worth it.  My roommates at the albergue were an English young couple and a 20 something year old girl from Portland. Dinner was at Hotel Roncesvalles.  My table had mostly Americans, a couple of Italians and a guy from France.